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It all started with the poo...

It’s all started with the poos popped out from his diaper….. just like every new parents, we were inexperienced and didn’t know much to do. We just knew that was not the right diaper for him, and for many babies in Hong Kong.

It took few months to research and test (parents and babies human trial), we found the very best are not from the local, instead, we found the them from Japan. We decided to be start the company to provide better quality baby products from overseas. Therefore, Onne Baby Wholeale was found, a company specializes premium imported baby products.

BB Outlet (www.bboutlet.com.hk) is a subsidiary of Onne Baby Wholesale, which we put our products directly online as a retail shop to every households in Hong Kong. 

It’s been over 10 years since we started the business. We view our customers as friends. Many we know them for years. We see the families start small to big (Few have over 5 kids in the span!). We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us and let’s continue to grow together, just like a family.

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